News From The American Redoubt:

The Australian press reports: People are flocking to a region of America so they can survive the end of the world.

JWR’s Comments: Although I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Australian journalist Matt Young fully describing the American Redoubt concept and the various threats to modern society, he put together a scattered article with a mish-mash of old and new quotes from me (some of them out of context) and a video link to what was one of the most poorly-prepared and antagonistic interviews that I’ve ever endured, with the late liberal American journalist Alan Colmes. (Colmes, known for his satirical wit, passed away from cancer on February 23, 2017.) In that interview Colmes didn’t even get my given name right—though he had my book right on his desk. And then he plunged into an interrogation on the comma in my name. By the way, the mis-captioned photo that Matt Young chose for the top of the article isn’t of me. It is a photo of a Redoubt real estate agent. The juxtaposition of that photo and that radio interview makes it look as if I gave that interview from an unfinished basement.

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12-year-old Wyoming boy trapped by boulders rescued

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A great Redoubt video: 4,000 elk, 15 tons of hay per day in one cool, time-lapse video

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We’ve mentioned this reputable coin shop in Montana once before in SurvivalBlog: Missoula Gold & Silver Exchange. Reader “Mr. X. from Lolo” sent this note of recommendation: “These are good folks with a broad inventory and low mark-up. They are also very fair about buying back what they sell, and also making fair ratio trades—such as swapping gold for silver.”

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I heard about a family-owned company in Eastern Oregon that has a great inventory of AR-15 parts and other items of interest to shooters, many of which they manufacture themselves: Crosshair Customs. They recently moved their machine shop into a new 5,000 square foot building in Baker City, Oregon. You can often meet them at their tables at gun shows all around The American Redoubt.

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Montana from Above – Three Breathtaking Minutes Montage (Video)


  1. Yesterday, I went to my local Wells Fargo bank in Shelby Montana and proceeded to deposit $3000 in cash into my checking account. The teller who has waited on me for about five years asked ” Where did you get the cash?” Excuse me ? She then repeated her question. I then advised her that it was no ones business where I got the cash and to either deposit it or return it to me. She deposited the cash and I left the bank. I will not be depositing cash there again. I think postal money orders will be purchased for any bill paying in the future.

    1. I sometimes wonder how much of that kind of reaction is due to bank policies/government regulations or just the fact that largish amounts of cash are relatively uncommon with people. A couple of years ago my wife withdrew about 8,000 dollars in cash (for a used vehicle purchase from a private individual) and the teller inappropriately waved the wad of cash at my children with the with the statement “I bet you wish you could have some of that.” I suspect that with people living nearly hand-to-mouth, that withdrawals or deposits over $500 are just uncommon in the average personal account.

  2. Mr Rawles and Latimer , after reading the soft hit piece written by Australian journalist Matt Young I quickly scrolled to the bottom of the page and sure enough-no comment section. As a general rule I refuse to read or visit any so called news site that does not allow for open comments and feedback. News without comments is not conversation among free men, but dictation from would be loudmouth tyrants. Sadly in this day and age it seems that their are only two kinds of journalist: ones with agendas , and those who for the highest dollar will do the bidding of those with agendas. Sirs, I know how much you want to get the concept of the American Redoubt out to the masses but I would suggest that from now on that you give no more interviews to news organizations that don’t have a comment section. You can tell the choir here that the article was wrong, but masses will never know.

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