Announcing The SurvivalBlog 11-Year Archive — Now on a USB Stick!

We are pleased to announce the availability of a limited edition SurvivalBlog 2005-2016 Archive, loaded on a 8 gigabyte waterproof USB flash drive. It now spans 11 years of the blog and with 20 additional bonus books, including a fantastic formulary by William B. Dick, first published in 1872. This archive gives you the same searchable functionality of our previous archive DVDs but with more storage, greater compactness, and a waterproof housing. These top-quality and durable alloy memory sticks have O-ring seals that are waterproof down to 100 meter depth!

One of the great advantages of buying the SurvivalBlog archive on an 8 GB memory stick is that there is an extra 4 gigabytes of space left available for you to add scans of your important family papers and photos. So this is the perfect stick for your Bug Out Bag or your vehicular Get Out Of Dodge (G.O.O.D.) kit. For full details on what is included in the archive, see our SurvivalBlog Archive Sales Page.

Sorry, but the archive memory stick is not available overseas. However, offshore SurvivalBlog readers can get the digital download version and then put a copy of it on your own (locally procured) USB memory stick. (Blank 8 GB waterproof sticks are available worldwide for around $18 to $20 USD each.)

UPDATE: It bears special mention that only 1,000 of the special waterproof sticks were produced. They sold out in less than seven days.– JWR