Three More Letters Re: Paper Maps


I agree. I bought a new 50 state Rand McNally edition this year, and it is much smaller. As far as state maps, I know the welcome center to PA does offer free maps of PA yet, at least when coming from NJ. Maps are harder and harder to find though, and I agree that we should stock up while they’re still offered free or at local stores. When planning trips, I have often contacted the states we were planning to visit and they sent free information. Most times a state map was included. I do not like GPS nor do I use it. God bless. – DSV

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Regarding the letter about paper foldout maps disappearing, I too have noticed that trend. For that reason, I collect maps whenever I can. You can often find them in two places– an AAA office will have them (sometimes free for members), and also for local town maps I have found them at town libraries and town halls for free. But they are getting harder to find. – K.B.

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Hugh, Another option are the National Geographic topo quad maps. They are .pdf files broken down into easily printed, readable quadrants. Not all of the roads are labeled, but there are enough labeled that individual smaller roads can be differentiated. Because of the format, multiple quadrants can be printed out and individual pages laminated, to create mini atlases for whatever region someone is interested in. It takes a few minutes to figure out the system. Individual quads are not selectable until you have zoomed in close enough on the big map, and they open in new tabs, once selected.