Letter Re: Keeping Children Safe


The author did not explain that during emergencies, public schools will sometime remove children from the school and relocate all the children to a safe location. The local school should have the predetermined safe location address.

(Obviously, if there is a big fire at the school or other emergencies, the school does not leave the children in the school or school yard.)

You might want to mention this fact in some added on information by the SurvivalBlog editors.

During Red Cross training at work, the Red Cross representative asked everyone in the room (100 people) if they know the address or location of, the predetermined safe location for their children`s school. Everyone sat there like dumb turkeys.

During these dire times, children should be homeschooled (or attend a religious school). It is not just the possible emergencies that could cause problems but the dire times involve we face, what is being taught in the schools, and what the children are learning from the other children too. – S.A.