Letter Re: Sharp Shooter 22LR Reloader

Dear Sir,

I have to throw my two cents in the ring on the 22LR reloader. Actually, there is a very good and available alternative. I love the 22LR. So, when the shortage of ammo hit, I searched for and found the near perfect solution! Voila’! It’s the .22 Hornet. This centerfire cartridge can be loaded for same velocities as 22 Long Rifle, 22 Magnum, or simply 22 Hornet +. It can be souped up just a little and come close to the .223!

The rifles are available in single shot or bolt action by several manufacturers.

So, in essence, the cartridge can be an excellent replacement for it. Lee sells a hand loader for less than $30. Then add a small lot of powder, primers, and bullets, and you have a small game, varmit, or a capable deer cartridge. Problem solved! – Okie Hillbilly