Notes for Friday – June 26, 2015

June 26th is the birthday of Marine Corps Lt. General Chesty Puller (born 1898, died October 11, 1971). Perhaps America’s finest-ever maverick officer, Puller was part of what JWR calls the Even Greater Generation. o o o It’s the last days… Safe Castle’s Road Warrior Bounty Sale, with up to 41% Mountain House food discounts with lots of extras is coming to a close. You have until June 30th to take advantage of these great deals. o o o Today, we present another entry for Round 59 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The $12,000+ worth of prizes for this …

The Most Important Preps Of Your Life – Part 2, by J.M.

Motivation Staying motivated can be tough. What worked for me was finding that thing that can keep me going indefinitely. For me, that’s my wife and kids. Everything I do is for them– my fitness level, my prepping, my everyday activities…..everything! Every time I don’t want to go to the gym, I think about them. Every time I stock some ammo or food away, I think of them. I do it for their safety and health as well. I am not the most fit person in the world, nor am I the most prepared, but I give it my all …

Two Letters Re: Ham Radio Conspiracy?

Hugh, Your post was a very good assessment of amateur radio (AR) as it is today. I am 60 years old and have wanted to get my Amateur radio license since I was 10 years old. However, with what I now know was an Attention Deficit Disorder mind, I didn’t have the patience to learn the code. My grandfather (a Radio Operator on a “Tramp Steamer” in 1921) encouraged me to get my ticket, but…. (fast forward to 2002) I was a big CB op back in the middle to late 70’s and gave it up when the airways became …

Economics and Investing:

The Mystery Of The “Missing” Inflation Solved: Record Number Of US Renters Can’t Afford Housing. – H.L. o o o When Will US Debt Hit the Wall? o o o Items from Mr. Econocobas: Forget Grexit, “Madame Frexit” Says France Is Next: French Presidential Frontrunner Wants Out Of “Failed” Euro The Economy’s All Fixed—–Only 70 Million Adults Teetering On The Edge Of Ruin Chart Of The Day: Greece’s Money Goes Under The Mattress Credit Market Warning- Chris Martenson

Odds ‘n Sods:

U.S. Power Grid Being Hit With ‘Increasing’ Hacking Attacks, Government Warns . – G.G. o o o Uber’s Anti-Gun Policy Is Working Out Really Well For Armed Robbers. – D.S. o o o SurvivalBlog reader B.L. suggests that this might be a good time to set up an Australian redoubt: Australia is selling a ranch the size of New Jersey o o o Cliven Bundy will be held accountable, Interior secretary says. – B.B. o o o The OPM Infobomb Explodes. – JFJ