The Importance and Art of Fire-Making, by N.P.

Obviously, being able to make a fire in a SHTF scenario is of utmost importance. In addition to providing warmth and cooking capabilities, fire also provides a psychological boost. As an avid outdoorsman, who is originally from Canada, I’ve got a lot of experience and training, but I’m by no … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

Rental Apocalypse: US homeownership collapses to 48 year low while rental rates continue to climb. o o o Central banks will disagree; Keynesian economists probably disagree; Too-Big-To-Fail banks don’t care … o o o Items from Mr. Econocobas: 2nd Quarter GDP Misses Expectations Alan Greenspan: This is ‘Extremely Dangerous’ – … Continue reading

Raising Meat Rabbits: Mistakes and Successes, by JEE

We currently live on one acre. So finding a protein source that is easy to house, is inexpensive, has a fairly good turn-over rate, and doesn’t require a lot of land, was hard at first. We actually stumbled upon it by accident. We were given two Rex rabbits with a … Continue reading

Letter Re: West Nile Virus

Hi Hugh, I recently heard from two people (one who stayed in Florida, the other in Texas) that restaurants were hanging zip-loc bags with water in them around their outside dining areas. Apparently, that repels mosquitoes and flies. Although no one could provide an explanation as to why it worked, … Continue reading