Letter Re: Raising Meat Rabbits


This is just a note to let you know that three years ago, based on information obtained on SurvivalBlog, my daughter stopped using commercial pellets to feed her pedigreed silver fox rabbits. I gave her an article about all the things you can eat from your yard. Two hours later, she had found most of them in our yard and decided to feed her rabbits that way. Since then, she harvests clover, wild strawberry, dandelion, mulberry, sorel, wild violet, and much more from about six yards in the neighborhood that use no chemicals. She supplements in winter with bales of alfalfa and BOSS, so the rabbits are fed 100% natural food, about 80% locally grown. Her rabbitry is small, with one litter at a time, and no more than two dozen total mouths to feed. – M.E.