Notes for Wednesday – July 15, 2015

There are only two weeks left in round 59 of the writing contest. Be sure to get your entries wrapped up and sent in as soon as possible. Don’t forget that we will now publish pictures! o o o Seed for Security, LLC is having a special sale. Their Colossal Security Pack is 15% off. This pack is a total of seven pounds of vegetable, grain, and herb seeds and all are open-pollinated and non GMO. Included are their three most popular collections: the Super Survival Pack, the four Grain Collection, and the Heirloom Herb Collection. This offer is for …

Timeless World War 2 Lessons, by T.W.

After recently reading a number of books on intelligence, subterfuge, spying, and survival in World War 2, I have been led to compile a list of lessons that we can draw on today. Preparation is Key The best spy masters and espionage groups built up networks of contacts around strategic areas before the invasion or war. This allowed one to gain information without being seen as suspicious. If your spy doesn’t know the language thoroughly, errors in translation lead to disaster. A few weeks in language school is rarely enough, but that’s what many operatives received during World War 2 …

Letter Re: Church Incorporation

HJL, I think you will find the case of Morey vs Riddell, 205, Federal Supplement 918 highly relevant and incredibly interesting as it relates to Church Incorporation and 501(c)3s. This case was tried in the Southern District of California, Central Division before the Hon. Alfonso J. Zirpoli, a judge. This case is from the 60’s and has a book about it titled A Federal Court Acknowledges Christ’s True Church. The Library of Congress Catalogue Card No. is 66-3171. Information can be found here, or it can be purchased at Amazon. I’d love to know your thoughts on this case.

Economics and Investing:

Greek safety deposit boxes – S.M. The telling quote: “The only reason to put access to safe deposit boxes under capital controls – measures which were agreed between the government and the banks – is because the banks and governments wish to retain the option of confiscating the contents of those boxes should the crisis deepen.” o o o Food Stamp Beneficiaries Have Exceeded 45 Million For 48 Straight Months – G.G. o o o Items from Mr. Econocobas: Snow In The Summer Confirmed – Retail Sales Tumble Most Since February It Starts: Greeks Rebel Against Bailout, Risk Collapse

Odds ‘n Sods:

Now, it’s illegal to be a punk rocker | Belt with fake bullets leads to arrest in Boston o o o This is the kind of abuse of public trust that gives law enforcement and the justice system a black eye. Sheriff’s Department Takes Family’s Home and Contents Using a Fake Eviction – T.P. o o o Are You Ready for Remote Concealed Carry Detection Devices? – B.B. o o o Interestingly, if you want your very own mobile missile launcher for an ICBM, you can pick it up at auction right now from Government Liquidation. Of course, it must …