Letter: The Noose is Tightening


Report from Maryland: I went to the bank today to make a deposit (two medical insurance reimbursement checks). I was informed that I had to show my drivers license or passport to make a deposit. (Up until now ID had to be provided only for withdrawals.)

Then, the teller told me I needed to provide personal information:

  • name of employer,
  • annual salary,
  • citizenship of another country or dual citizenship,
  • foreign bank account holdings, and
  • because it is a joint account, I was told to provide the same for my spouse.

I’ll let you and others imagine my response.

I asked the teller if she worked for TSA. “No,” she said, “but these are new government requirements based on a new law.” I told her I had been a customer of that bank for 35 years and asked why now do they need to know everything about me? – M.B.