Letter: A Few Comments

Hello Hugh,

I just wanted to pass on that the article you posted on Monday, the 27th, ER Doctor: What Scares Me Even More Than Ebola, made the rounds amongst the nurses, doctors, and some of the EMTs in the mid-sized hospital emergency room where I work, and every single person that read it was in total agreement that it was the most sound and well thought-out plan for dealing with wide spread pandemic infectious disease, whether Ebola or what ever the next wave might be. I have my doubts about it being taken to heart and applied nationally, but perhaps in some proactive communities it could make the difference.

Also, I found the article you posted entitled 21 Days on Tuesday, the 28th, to be the best, detailed, scientific look at emerging infectious disease, without all the too-common political posturing, that I’ve seen yet (from the perspective of this old, ER nurse).

Lastly, there was some discussion of .40 vs 9mm conversion kits a few days back. I gotta put in a plug for the after-market barrels for Glock made by Storm Lake and Lone Wolf. I have one in my model 23 .40 cal, and it allows me to shoot 9mm all day long (with the appropriate magazines) at a drastic cost savings for practice time at the range. Best regards, – NWER