Letter Re: Daily Food Requirements

I have been reading
through SurvivalBlog. I am looking for information concerning food needed per adult, per month. I can’t seem to find the information within the first five or six pages. Any idea of a site that I can find this information. Please let me know. Thanks, – R.D.

HJL Replies: There really is no hard and fast rule, as it depends on who you are feeding and what type of food you are storing. Obviously, a 19 year old young man will consume considerably more food than a 12 year old girl or even a 40 year old adult. Men generally require more food than women. People in their prime require more than the very young or the very old. We use the standard of one quart of food (reconstituted volume) per person per day. This is probably on the high side though. One quart volume of reconstituted and cooked (fluffy) freeze-dried eggs would not be enough for the average adult, but one quart of dried pinto beans would be too much. However, it averages out fairly well.