Why I Believe A World-Wide Pandemic Will Bring About Civil War and Ethnic Cleansing in the United States, by S.T.

A world-wide pandemic is my worst nightmare. I fear a pandemic more than I fear a nuclear war. We have scientists who have already weaponized the flu virus. http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/421-national-security/8630-scientist-weaponizes-flu-strain-in-bioterrorism-experiment

The majority of the American population is just nine meals away from anarchy.

The government lawmakers– those who are elected to act in the best interest of the citizens of the United States that they represent and to act upon the citizen’s requests and desires– have, for the last 40 odd years, only acted in ways that would:

  1. Get themselves elected or re-elected,
  2. Get themselves additional campaign contributions,
  3. Get themselves time on the airwaves to stroke their over-inflated egos,
  4. Make themselves rich, or
  5. Make laws that continue to erode the Constitution and take away our civil liberties.

Some Background Facts

The United States elected officials have refused over and over to listen to the requests of the public and stop the flood of illegal aliens, who cross our boarders and bring disease, crime, and drugs or to crackdown on the crime and criminals. Instead, these lawmakers have spent their time spying on the American public and writing laws the could result in the seizure of your food supplies “for the greater good of the people”.

We have illegal aliens, with cases of tuberculosis (TB), running around the streets of California and other states, refusing to stay in isolation, and potentially infecting others. These illegal aliens are not only not being deported but the tax dollars of hardworking Americans are being spent to provide them with medical care or medical care in a jail cell.

Every day, we have illegal alien gang members arrested for murder and selling drugs who are given just a slap on the wrist for their crimes and who are not deported but are then allowed out of jail to commit more crimes.

The illegal alien “children” and “those that are claiming to be children” that we are housing are carrying a vast amount of communicable diseases and infecting the border patrol and others who are providing them care.

The parents who send their children to public schools in areas with a high percentage of illegal alien children are upset that their children are not receiving the proper amount of education because the teachers have to spend most of their time with the children who can not or will not speak English.

Liberia has now put in place severe travel quarantines, and those in the quarantine areas now are facing food shortages and starvation. If we had an all out pandemic in the United States, I know that the murders, rapists, gangbangers, and other criminals would not abide by any travel restrictions; they would spread the pandemic even further and to more of the population.

We have states granting a medical license to a doctor, who was convicted of rape with a gun, served only a fraction of the sentence the judge imposed, and is now accused of assaulting another patient in a new state. The State of Maryland did not perform background checks on potential doctors and relied only on “self reporting”. I can not think of a doctor “self reporting” that they are a rapist. Do you think that this doctor, who is accused of locking the exam room and attacking the female patient said, “ Wait here, while I put on a mask and gloves before I assault you.”

Our government does not have the balls to tell China that we will no longer accept their contaminated products, like toothpaste and food.

The Pandemic Dilemma

I could fill up 100’s of pages but you get my point. I believe that portion (however small) of these victims, if they survive, will be out looking for revenge, if and when there is a pandemic.

The 1918-1919 Spanish Flu lasted two years and came in three separate waves (without the benefit of widespread international air travel that we have today). Using this as a model for any future pandemic, we would need to store a minimum of two years of food and the seeds to grow an additional food until the supply lines were back up and running which could take another full two years.

Depending on the virus that creates the pandemic, it could jump species and spread to farm animals and wild animals that are used for food. This could further decimate our food supply for years to come and increase the number of persons who die, not from the pandemic but from starvation.

While writing this, I had to go to my local County Health Department. While there I picked up the booklet “The Flu Prevention and Treatment” published by the “Channing Bete Company”. Page 18 lists steps to prepare for a “Flu Pandemic” and includes “Stock at least a two-week emergency supply of food and water”. It appears that these so-called experts never did any study on the 1918-1919 Flu Pandemic and therefore are providing dangerous information to the public.

What percentage of the the American population has two or more years of food and the necessary items, skills, and property needed to grow more? Again, the majority of the American population is just nine meals away from anarchy. I think that less than 3% of the American population has the necessary amount of food and other supplies and skills that will be needed to sustain themselves during any type of pandemic. The other 97% will starve or become raiders and killers to obtain food and water.

Some Future Predictions.

Now consider if some persons who were infected with Ebola come into the United States via international air travel and start a pandemic here. What will happen is:

  1. The politicians will run and hide in their well-stocked bunkers.
  2. When there are no politicians to approve an increase to the debt ceiling, the welfare checks and food stamps will stop.
  3. When there are no federal paychecks, all of the federal employees will abandon their jobs.
  4. Then the individual states will stop the WIC program.
  5. Then the individual states will stop the Section 8 housing program.
  6. When there are no government welfare or pay checks, the water, sewer, electricity, and other infrastructure services will stop because at least 1/2 of the employees are at home in isolation and there is no money coming in to pay the other 1/2 employees. And the snow ball effect takes place.

Ebola has an incubation period of 2 to 21 days, and a person who had contracted Ebola still has semen and breast milk for 60 days after a patient recovers. So what happens if a patient survives, then goes out to celebrate with a hooker or two? There is more spreading of the pandemic disease.

Just two days after the welfare checks and food stamps stop, I believe that there will be widespread looting and riots in the shopping districts. All of the grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and gun stores will also be not only emptied but destroyed.

Just two additional days will bring the looting and riots to the urban homes.

Just two additional days and looting and riots will move to the suburbs.

Just two additional days will bring killing, just for the sake of killing.

Most homesteaders, hunters, preppers, and survivalists will be able to lock down for the two years, but what about the sheeple that will be rioting and protesting in the streets and spreading the pandemic further?

I know how the homesteaders, hunters, preppers, and survivalists will react to gangbangers and welfare mothers with their eight children showing up at their door (who could be infected with whatever the pandemic virus is) and demanding food and supplies; those gangbangers will be met with the end of a gun. Consider if the gangbangers and welfare mothers leave but then come back for a midnight raid or two.

If the midnight raid was successful, the family was injured or killed, and their pantry raided, what will the other families in the area do when their home is approached? There will be no warning to leave; there will be no warning not to come back; there will only be shots fired in an all-out effort to protect their family members. With each and every successful and unsuccessful raid, the homesteaders, hunters, preppers, and survivalists will become that much more hardened and resolved to protect their family, which will result in more and more deaths.

In the urban areas, with each successful and unsuccessful raid, more and more families will start pulling out their grandpa’s WWII and Vietnam guns. Once just a few families, that were successful in repelling a raid, have succumbed to the pandemic that infected them via the gangbangers and welfare mothers, I believe it will become an all out ethnic cleansing war.

The “white” families with farms and supplies will shoot first and ask questions later. Every person, who is Hispanic and could be a potential gangbanger or a person who is potentially infected, will be shot. Every person, who is black/African-American and could be a potential gangbanger or a person who is infected, will be shot.

The “black” families with farms and supplies will shoot first and ask questions later. Every person who is Hispanic and could be a potential gangbanger or a person who is potentially infected will be shot. Every person who is white and could be a potential gangbanger or a person who is potentially infected will be shot.

There will also be additional deaths due to plain old revenge. For example:

  1. The Judge who found you guilty of a felony for setting off fireworks on the 4th of July. (Yes, this is a true case.)
  2. The neighbor who is a pedophile and only received six months in jail for an attack on a three year old.
  3. The rapist teacher who only received probation.
  4. Then we move into the mentally ill. After all of the anti-psychotic drugs are now gone, there will be some banging on your door claiming to be God.
  5. The recreational drugs are gone, so the drug addicts are out and about looking for drugs or food to steal to trade for drugs, and they will show up at your home.
  6. The unqualified neighbor who received the job promotion because of affirmative action.

Again, I could fill up 100’s of pages, but you get my point. I believe that portion of these persons and victims will be out looking for revenge, if there is a pandemic.

If the above does not scare someone into action, consider the we have an estimated 2.4 million persons currently incarcerated in our jails and prisons. What will happen to this prison population? Will they be left to die of starvation in the prison, or will they be released into the general public, or will they break out? The thought of 2.4 million rapists, pedophiles, murderers, and drug dealers being released or breaking out after there are no more law enforcement, correctional officers, or guards just sends shudders down my back.

I know that everything I have written is a very sobering read, and some will call me a kook or a racist or an alarmist. However, what I am is a realist. I believe it is not only possible but very probable as to what will take place if a severe pandemic, such as Ebola, hits the United States.

Be Prepared

In closing, we are on our own in a pandemic, so please go over your food and supplies, and fill in any holes while there is time. If you do not have the necessary special medical supplies for a pandemic, such a the tyvec suites, rubber gloves, goggles, and lots of duct tape, order it now.

Put into place a “Pandemic Isolation Plan” with your family. If your “Pandemic Isolation Plan” is to bug out, consider moving your equipment and supplies into totes now, so that you will just need to load the totes and everyone there by reducing the time to put your “Pandemic Isolation Plan” into effect or to move most of your supplies to your bugout location.

If your “Pandemic Isolation Plan” is to bug in, look at the security of your home to see if there are additional items or work that could be done to improve the safety and security of your family.

Look at your neighbors and note which ones will be a help and which ones will be a hindrance during a pandemic.

I do not want to end this on a note of just gloom and doom. Yes, a global pandemic will wipe out a very large amount of the population, and only a small percentage of the population who think they should receive welfare and food stamps and never work will survive. However, the majority of the survivors will be of a hardy stock who know that in order to survive hard work and a lot of common sense is required. They will pass this, plus a strong work ethic, on to the future generations.

For me, when a single case is reported in the United States east of the Rockies, we will go shelter in place and lock down.

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