Letter: Confiscation of Stored Foods

There is quite a bit of “buzz” going on that the DHS will come in and take stored foods.

What might you know about this and what are the odds? I know, with this admin anything goes, but I think it is certainly worth addressing. – P.W.

Hugh Replies: That is the whole point of OPSEC, but practically speaking, the DHS isn’t who you will have to worry about, unless you are a grocery store or warehouse. Anything smaller than that isn’t worth dealing with when you factor in the manpower and risks to personnel. The danger for individuals comes from the parent of the family down the street who didn’t plan ahead and now has four starving children on their hands. There is no boundary that a normal mother will not cross regarding the survival of her own children. Given society’s propensity towards situational ethics, the average person will see no problem in killing you to take your larder on about the 4th day that they have no food and no hope. If they do see a problem, they will simply rationalize it away. This is the reason you need OPSEC from your own neighbors. If you live in a town, I fully expect the “provisional” government in TEOTWAWKI to institute laws that allow the confiscation of supply items from any individual deemed a “hoarder”. You need a community to survive, but there is no reason for any member of that community to know everything about every member.

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