Notes for Sunday – June 01, 2014:

Round 52 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest is now over, and it is a tough one. We are going through the entries right now and hope to have the winners announced by Monday, June 2, 2014. Those of you who submitted articles for the contest but did not get published in round 52 will have your articles automatically entered into Round 53. o o o SurvivalBlog has a few improvements this week that will help you navigate and print articles. The old “permalink” has been replaced. Now, the title of the article serves as the “permalink” to bookmark the …

Seven Years of Preparation, by CHG (Chicken Hating Grandma)

We work best when we have a deadline, so our preparation began in October 2008 with hopes of reaching our goal in seven years. Our son, who is a university professor, became convinced that we had seven years to “prepare”; we were not sure of exactly what we were to prepare for though. (We thought perhaps he had changed his name to Joseph, since the Biblical Joseph had seven years to prepare before the seven years of famine.) We decided to join him, because it couldn’t hurt to be ready for any calamity. Our half-hearted efforts took on urgency after …

Letter Re: A Simpleton’s Guide to Preps

Hugh, Another letter in regards to A Simpleton’s Guide to Preps‘ overrated item #8 – NBC Equipment. BH appears to have forgotten the C in NBC. If you live near railroad tracks, chances are that a good deal of chemicals transit that line. A train derailment may be all that is between you and wishing that you had gotten some NBC gear for your family. In addition to a train line not too far off, there is a local fertilizer plant that could be an ammonia hazard. Not all NBC hazards mean that WWIII has broken out.

Economics and Investing:

1 in 6 American Men Between Ages 25-54 Are Not Working. – G.P. o o o Guest Post: U.S. Gasoline Consumption Plummets By Nearly 75% o o o Items from The Economatrix: Current Economic System Is “Pure Fiction” Economists: The U.S. Economy Shrank In Q1, But Better Days Are Just Around The Corner Stocks Could Fall 20% As ‘QE Fluff’ Leaves The Market Gold Hit Again As Headwinds Mount

Odds ‘n Sods:

Refrigerator or Counter? Where to Store Some Produce May Surprise You. There are some foods that absolutely need refrigeration and some that are better off stored outside of your fridge. – H.L. o o o Why Colt Can’t Shoot Straight. An interesting read, but remember that the source magazine is owned by Bloomberg. – T.P. o o o Gun Seller Dropped By Bank Rejects Their Attempt ‘To Kiss And Make Up’. – G.P. o o o If the severe drought in the Southwest wasn’t enough to strain food growers, now they are dealing with a plague of grasshoppers: Grasshoppers cloud …