Two Letters Re: Glock 27 .40 S&W Pistol

Dear Sir,
I just wanted to point out something that many folks may not be aware of regarding the Glock pistols. I own several and they usually are my “go to” pistol. I carry a Glock 27 regularly. I recommend to my friends and family, if the Glock is their choice of pistols, to only buy the .40 caliber models. When you buy a Glock .40 (22, 23, or 27) you now have the option of purchasing a drop in barrel in 9mm or .357 Sig and having the flexibility to use the ammo that you are able to find in any of these three designations. One gun, three calibers! Believe it or not, the magazines are even interchangeable! I realize that for the ultimate in reliability, one should purchase 9mm magazines when shooting 9mm ammunition, but I have never had a failure using the .40 magazines loaded with 9mm. The .357 Sig uses .40 caliber magazines as they are identical. Of course all of the appropriate warnings regarding using the correct ammunition should be mentioned. It is my understanding that if one were to purchase any of the 9mm Glocks, (17, 19, or 26) they are NOT able to simply change barrels and shoot .40 or .357 Sig. This being the case, I cannot think of a good reason NOT to start with the .40 caliber Glocks in order to obtain such flexibility in a time when ammuinition availability becomes troubling. Blessings to you and yours! – C.P

Nice review of a great gun. Something else to add: If someone is torn between the 9mm G26 versus the G27, I highly recommend buying the 27 and then purchasing a Storm Lake or Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel. Now you have two guns for the price of a barrel and 9mm magazines, which are the same size as the 40 caliber magazines. Extreme versatility; you can carry the G27 40 caliber and come home, swap out the .40 barrel for a 9mm barrel, push in the Glock factory 33 round mag with a magazine sleeve and have a 34 round 9mm home defense gun! – M.K.