Letter Re: LDS Buying Experience

I ordered 10 cases of hard red wheat in #10 cans from the LDS store online. The charge was authorized on the card, but the hold expired and the charge initially did not go through. I received a message telling me that item was back-ordered, I could cancel at any time,and that my card would be charged when the wheat was sent. The boxes came 5 months later, almost to the day. All was as advertised, and the card was charged at that time. The amount charged was $28/box, with no shipping added. I believe this is the best price out there if one is willing to wait. –Prepper Tax Dude

HJL adds: I haven’t shopped at the online LDS store and haven’t been to the local LDS store since the new changes have been implemented regarding the cessation of bulk sales. The local store was always the best price (by up to 75% less) than most online places. However, we bought in bulk and packaged it ourselves. Since the bulk purchasing has been done away with, we are always interested in stores that can replace that valuable resource.