Letter Re: Glock 27 .40 S&W Pistol

I thought Pat did a great review on this little pistol. Very thorough and insightful. While looking for a backup and off-duty gun, I purchased a G27in 1999 and have carried it daily since then. I spent the extra money and got mine with Meprolite night sights, but as he notes,the plastic with white outline are excellent. Pat does make a great point about the Glock 26 9mm being easier to shoot, though I have found that I shoot the 27 just about as well as my department-issued G22. Another point in favor of the 9mm is that in today’s market the ammunition is much less expensive than .40 S&W, and you need to practice as much as you can afford to. I have carried the G27 in a Fobus holster under an un-tucked shirt or a jacket, but find a G&G belt-slide holster to be more comfortable. I do recommend the use of a finger-grip mag extension for better recoil control. That brings up my only complaint about my G27. When changing magazines, the edge of my hand keeps the magazine from dropping free and I must use my off hand to pull the mag out before I can reload, but this would happen even without a grip extension. Seconds matter, so this is a serious issue in a gun fight. As to ammunition, I am only allowed to carry what is department-approved, and at this time that means 180gr Gold Dots. One last comment about the 9mm: My son purchased a Glock 19 gen 3 last year and I absolutely love the gun. I’m a big enough guy that concealment is not much more difficult than the 27. So, consider the G19 compact along with the ‘Baby’ Glocks when you make your selection. Thanks for avery well-done review, Pat. – C.C.