Introducing SurvivalBlog’s New Managing Editor

I am pleased to announce that following the review of more than 50 resumes, we have selected Hugh J. Latimer (a pen name) as our new Managing Editor. I consider him a perfect fit for the position. He will be taking over many of the day-to-day operations at SurvivalBlog, including editing letters and articles, compiling column items, writing some feature articles, creating and updating advertisement graphics, and posting the blog. Meanwhile, I will continue to be actively involved as Senior Editor. To distinguish between our posts and comments, they will either begin or end with our initials (“JWR” or “HJL.”)

For those who are curious, his pen name was chosen to honor Hugh Latimer (1487-1555), a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, and Bishop of Worcester before the Reformation, and later Church of England chaplain to King Edward VI. In 1555 under Queen Mary he was burned at the stake, becoming one of the three Oxford Martyrs of Anglicanism.

Here are a few details about Hugh:

  • A long-time reader of SurvivalBlog.
  • Has three college degrees (Engineering, Metallurgy, and Education), including one Master’s Degree.
  • Worked as a Technical Editor for five international technical journals, where he edited contributed articles as well as wrote more than 100 feature articles.
  • Holds a gunsmithing certificate from the Colorado School of Trades.
  • Certified as a firefighter.
  • Certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT.)
  • An Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster.
  • A Libertarian, conservative Christian who attends regularly with two congregations.
  • Worked for a major astronautics company where he did engineering work on the Titan IV missile program and several NASA programs. (Yes, he really is a Rocket Scientist.)
  • Has several years of experience in RF, digital, and analog circuit design for both rocket flight hardware and ground support hardware. He has also designed custom magnetics for the space program.
  • Worked as a Technical Editor at a national laboratory.
  • Ran his own photography and graphics design business.
  • Created and managed his own rural high speed Internet access company, where he also developed solar-powered remote relay communications sites.
  • Has done web site design using native HTML and has used a variety CMS software.
  • Formerly worked at a high school teaching Honors Physics. He also wrote the curriculum for several science courses.
  • A former Unix Administrator and both a TCP/IP and Unix Instructor.
  • Many years of experience as a system manager for 14 different operating systems.
  • Computer system security expert.
  • Lives in a small town.
  • He was the owner-builder of four homes, including a large log home, and one that is geothermally heated.
  • His family gardens, cans their own food, raise chickens, make candles, and bind their own books.
  • He and his wife have homeschooled their children.

Welcome aboard, Hugh! – JWR