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C.B.’s Potato Soup Plus

Several years ago while shopping at a Sam’s Club warehouse store, my wife and I picked up a can of “Johnny’s Creamy potato” soup mix. It’s a 2-pound can of dehydrated soup mix that serves 24 with a good shelf life. The can on my stove top is at least a year old and has a 2014 date on it. Follow the instructions for a good potato soup or do what I do I make a serving for 8 (8 cups water boiling and 2 Cups of mix) and then when almost done add a small can of chopped clams, a can of creamed corn, a can of drained whole corn, 4 fried and crumbled bacon strips, half the bacon grease. It makes a good hearty quick meal in 30 min. or less on a cold snowy night.

Some Variations: Add a can of chopped fried spam, more vegetables like carrots, onions, celery, celery seed, clams, and fish for a seafood chowder, canned chicken or turkey or leftover turkey or Ham from Thanksgiving or Christmas. Throw in some cooked rice and cream of what ever soup. When cooked stir in some beaten eggs and then bake it for a casserole.

The ideas are endless and since we live in earthquake country. (The 1964 quake is always on our minds even though we weren’t in Alaska then, we are now.) We keep several cans of this soup mix in the house along with several cans of Spam, Dak Ham and other stuff to mix in with it. I don’t have to worry about it freezing so I have several cans in my go pack also along with the stuff to mix in it (a 29’ Winnebago fully fueled with extra tanks of gas and propane and a separate propane camp stove so we don’t use the coach propane for cooking only for heat in winter and while the water system is winterized I have several collapsible camping water jugs 2/3 full for freezing expansion for melting when my house jugs go dry.)

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