Letter Re: Diabetics in Disaster

Mr Rawles,
I read Meir L.’s “Diabetics in Disaster,” and I found the post very thorough and informative. I just wanted to add a few tips:
1) Cinnamon and Cranberries are a natural way to lower your blood sugar level. Additionally, there is an over the counter supplement called Cinnergen that is a mix of the two in a liquid form.
2) Remember artificial sweetener. Coffee and tea can be bitter and undrinkable without sugar. Also, growing sorghum is a great alternative to sugar, and it can be replaced after the SHTF. Read more at The Mother Earth News and WikiHow.
3) Insulin dependent families should maintain a schedule even after TEOTWAWKI, because going to long without insulin or giving too much insulin can become a disaster without a doctor or EMT around. So make sure to practice a prep before these things can happen.
4) Since diabetics have to watch carbs, a diabetic prepper’s food will be different than a regular prepper’s. Plan on eating more protein (beef jerky, canned meats, cheese), and less carbs (potatoes, pasta, rice). Also, many protein filled foods also have a lot of carbs (think:beans), so make sure to plan your diet.

– Michael L.