Economics and Investing:

I noticed that spot price of silver has gone into its usual summer doldrums. Silver was under $22 per ounce, the last time I checked. Low points like this are an advantageous time to buy. It really doesn’t matter whether you buy pre-1965 junk silver, or one ounce American Redoubt silver coins, or some other sort of bullion silver, if you look at this on a macro scale. In the long run there will simply be a few prescient people with real money, and a much larger number of people who will be holding worthless paper. Yes, be a silver stacker but be wise and buy low. (Disclaimer: I don’t make my living selling silver. I’m a novelist. I touted silver long before I ever designed the American Redoubt coin. The commissions that I’ll earn on silver sales will represent perhaps 2% of my annual income.)

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