Notes from JWR:

June 17th is the 84th birthday of physicist Dr. Hans Mark (born June 17, 1929.) He and my father became friends at LLNL, back when the facility was known as Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (LRL.) Conversationally, it was often known locally as just “The Rad Lab.”

This also the birthday of musician Red Foley. (Born, 1910, died September 19, 1968.) His patriotic song Smoke on the Water topped the music charts for 13 weeks in late 1944 and early 1945, and was on the charts for 24 weeks. That song–which describes the doom of fascist tyrants–would be considered quite politically incorrect, these days.

And this is also the birthday of novelist John Ross (born, 1957.) After many years of scarcity, his novel Unintended Consequences just went back into print in soft cover. Note that his otherwise excellent libertarian novel was marred by some vulgarity and gratuitous sex scenes. Beware!)

I just heard that Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy (of Doom & Bloom fame) have released their much-anticipated book, The Survival Medicine Handbook: A guide for when help is NOT on the way. Given their tremendous expertise, I’m sure that this will become a standard reference for preppers. I didn’t see a page count mentioned, but it is notable that the now obsolete First Edition weighed 1.3 pounds, but this new Second Edition weighs 2.1 pounds!