Letter Re: Survival Tips from the May 20, 2013 Oklahoma Tornado

Hello JWR,
 I have a possible solution to TornadoDoc’s generator noise problem! Go to the auto parts store and buy a generic car muffler. The cheapest one you can find. Then purchase a length of flexible muffler pipe and clamps, as well as two couplers. One is for the muffler to pipe, the other for muffler to generator. Depending on how mechanically adept you are, you may be able to do this yourself. Remove the muffler/spark arrestor from your genset. Weld the coupler over the hole, then put it back on. When you use the auto muffler it will make your genny very quiet! Watch out for heat though, the muffler and flex pipe will get hot! Be sure it’s not touching any combustibles and that everyone knows not to touch it! When not in use you can take the pipe and muffler off to save space. I have done this for a couple of generators and it works well. – Mister Clark from Washington State