Letter Re: Chicken and Beef Bouillon Without MSG


I would like to point out to everyone that even though the Better Than Bouillon labels say “NO ADDED MSG” it does still contain some MSG. Those of us who are made very ill by MSG have learned to triple check all listed ingredients. Here is a quote from Food Renegade that explains this better than I can:

“Hydrolyzed soy protein is an ingredient that always contains MSG! (source) Because the manufacturer didn’t add an ingredient called “mono-sodium glutamate,” they can “truthfully” claim “No MSG added” on their label. Yet, nothing is stopping them from adding ingredients that contain MSG. In that case, the manufacturer only has to list the name of the actual ingredient added, not the ingredients within those ingredients.

Because of this little-known fact, another ingredient on this label should give us pause: flavoring. MSG often hides in “flavoring,” “natural flavoring,” or “spices.” (source) Furthermore, the process used to create the dried whey produces : MSG!” 

Thank you, – Ginger

JWR Replies: Thanks for making that correction. OBTW back in 2005, I posted a useful list of pseudonyms for MSG, in a SurvivalBlog article titled: MSG, By Any Other Name