Letter Re: Loose Lips: No Need to Pump Some Folks for Information

James Wesley,
A few days ago I called a local businessman about doing some work on our water well pump.  I also asked him his advice about the possibility of later installing a manual water pump along with the electric pump.  He then began to tell me that he was at that very moment installing a manual pump for another person.  His words though were “for one of these preppers.”  He said, “I guess he’s worried about a zombie attack or something.”  This short interaction made me think about a few things that I would like to pass on.

1.  That man had no business telling me what someone else wanted on their property, especially in the way he did. 
I see it as a lack of integrity to categorize in a negative way a paying customer to a person you are talking to on the phone (that he had never met before).  When you do business with someone regarding your preparation for the future, take their integrity into account. 

2.  While this “prepper” should have remained anonymous and unmentioned to me, his downfall was obviously that he told too much about himself to the ‘well man.” 
We all like to make small talk.  Be careful though of telling too much about yourself to others, especially strangers you will only see once or twice.  After I heard what he said about the “prepper,” I just told him that I wanted one because when electric goes out occasionally it would be nice to have access to water.  Even that’s more than he really needed to know.

3.  This man who is a “prepper” is now thought of negatively by the “well man.”
Is it right that the “well man” now has judged the “prepper” for what he prepares for? No, it is not.  But it doesn’t change the facts.  I do not believe in being a man pleaser by any means; but also, much can said about saying as little as possible about yourself.  For instance – Proverbs 17:28Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”  Is the “well man” wrong? – yes.  Will that ever occur to him? – No.

4.  If the “well man” told me about the prepper, who else has he told?
In small communities, word spreads fast.  And yes, men gossip just as much as women, if not more.

5.  When times get tough, the “well man” will remember the “prepper.”
Even though the “well man” thinks preppers are crazy, where do you think he will go when his wife and kids are hungry, dirty, and tired?  Will he come in kindness?  Will he come to take in survival?  We can only speculate.  But he will remember the “prepper.”

Prepping has become cool and trendy for many.  They like to show off what they have and what they know.  That may be fine if they don’t know where to find you, but not if they do.  This makes me think of 2 Kings 20:12-18.  Here, King Hezekiah was proud and showed all of his kingdom to representatives from Babylon.  He did not give God the glory for it.  The prophet Isaiah told him that all would be lost to the Babylonians one day.  Be careful who you take into your confidence. 

Another analogy comes to mind which is far less spiritual or Biblical.  In the old “Muppet Movie,” as Kermit The Frog and Fozzie are traveling to Hollywood they stop at the old church and meet the band.  When they leave and ask Doc if he wants to come along, he declines, but adds “Maybe some day when you’re rich and famous, we’ll show up and exploit your wealth.”  Many people will make no preparations and simply expect someone else to take care of them (Red Cross, FEMA, neighbors, preppers, etc).  They will let you put in the time, money, and sweat and then want to jump in when you are sitting pretty.

As stated before on this blog, be careful what, who, and how much you tell.  It may come back to bite you one day.  In a final word, I am not saying you should not share or help others in need.  What I am saying is, don’t create problems for yourself.  Be careful of loose lips!