Note from JWR:

Ready Made Resources and Safecastle have both just launched semi-annual sales on Mountain House long term storage foods, with the maximum allowable discounts of 25% to 40%. Both are reputable companies that have been loyal SurvivalBlog advertisers and both are offering free shipping. So toss a coin, or pick the company closest to you, for the quickest shipping. These sales will run for only one week, so order soon.

Coloradans have some important paperwork to do. The state’s new magazine ban will go into effect in 30 days (on July 1, 2013.) Of particular note is the fact that the new law’s grandfather clause is not multigenerational. It will be limited to only then-current owners of magazines, as of midnight on June 30th. Therefore I again urge Coloradans to be sure to properly document the gift of your magazines to your children and grandchildren, and have those records notarized, ASAP. The clock is ticking… Oh, and also take a look at this Recall web site.