Letter Re: Selecting Retreat Properties–Pros and Cons of Buying Remote and Off Grid


To follow-up on your recent article, a very big “Pro” to buying off-grid land that was not mentioned is that you will not have strangers having access to your property. I am specifically referring to the Meter Reader for the utility company. I have “country” property on the Grid and have to furnish the Meter Reader a key to access the property to read the electric meter. The Meter Reader comes once a month to read the meter. I have not figured a way to deny them access. (Maybe you have a suggestion on how to prevent the meter reader from accessing the property) This stranger therefore has access to the property and also has a key to the gate and obviously has some knowledge of what is physically located on the property since he traverses the property to get to the meter. Being off grid puts you in a position to be able to keep everyone off of the property which to me carries a lot of value. – Carl D.

JWR Replies: Don’t forget the propane delivery truck. But at least that can be scheduled for once every couple of years, at your convenience, and you don’t need to give them a gate key.