Letter Re: Idaho and Washington as Retreat Locales

Hi Jim,
I heard that Washington state joined the 10th Amendment movement. Funny, but we moved out of that state in February because it was seemingly so socialistic. Since then we’ve been actively looking for a small farm in Idaho but when I heard that news I wanted to see if you think it advisable to look into eastern Washington too. I’m amazed at all the properties for sale there. You can get so much more for your money there. But I wanted to check with you first. Thanks, – Evan S.

JWR Replies: Keep in mind that just a few legislators in Washington have joined the movement. The resolution is far from a “done deal”! The long-term trends for both Washington and Oregon are for continued Californication. It is hard to buck a major demographic change, so I expect the tax and gun laws in Washington to get worse in the years to come. Just moving east of the Cascades won’t help. It is the population weight of liberal western Washington that calls the shots. They look with disdain at eastern Washington as a “hick” minority.

Although land prices are generally lower in Washington, the property tax rates are much higher. I’d rather pay more at the outset, than be bled dry through the rest of my lifetime by high property taxes. My advice: Stick with Idaho!