Mexican Flu Update

Cheryl wrote to mention an article that described using Vitamin D to prevent a cytokine storm The dose is 2,000 units of Vitamin D per kilogram (1 kg = 2.2046 pounds), once per day. Thus, for an average 150 lb. adult, the dose would be would be 136,060 units of … Continue reading

Letter Re: Adapting Family Food Storage for Gluten Intolerance

Hi Jim, I wonder how many other preppers out there have the same issue we just discovered. My wife has always had trouble with her digestive tract. Recently we discovered that she is has Coeliac’s disease which means she is gluten intolerant. She can no longer eat gluten which it … Continue reading

Letter Re: Home and Ranch Methane Gas Generators

Jim: I saw the following post concerning Gober (“dung”) gas, dated 27 April, 2009, over at Michael Yon’s web site:. “During breaks from tracking training – I was sweating like crazy in the jungle heat – I asked many questions about Afghanistan and Nepal, and he talked about a simple … Continue reading

Two Letters Re: My Experiment with a Field Gear Invention

Hello, Mr Rawles, I´m writing to you in response to Mike B´s letter “My Experiment with a Field Gear Invention.” Halfway´ through the second paragraph I began to smile since I instantly recognized the item he was writing about. How different outdoor culture can be from country to country. In … Continue reading

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“For a Westerner to trash Western culture is like criticizing our nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere on the grounds that it sometimes gets windy, and besides, Jupiter’s is much prettier. You may not realize its advantages until you’re trying to breathe liquid methane.” – Neal Stephenson

Notes from JWR:

The Tennessean newspaper (published in Nashville), recently featured an article about my novel: Survivalist author has end in sight — is now so backed up on orders for “Patriots” , that they have sent e-mails to customers, asking if they want to cancel their orders or hang on until … Continue reading

Mexican Flu Update

It has been reported that the incubation period for the Mexican Swine Flu is 4-to-5 days, and perhaps as long as 10 days in children. That’s the “hot” period when someone infected is shedding the virus. This is bad news for epidemiologists. With modern air travel, this means that there … Continue reading

My Experience with a Field Gear Invention, by Mike B.

I would like to share with everyone something I have in my Bug out Bag (BOB) that I have yet to see mentioned in any post or forum on the subject. I stole the idea fair and square from survival expert Les Stroud (of Survivorman television series fame) and modified … Continue reading

Letter Re: Bike Frame-Mounted DC Power Generators

James, Just a follow-up to the question about bicycle power: If you do a Google search on the phrase “bicycle power generator” then several interesting options come up. One is a web site that offers free plans. JWR Replies: Just keep in mind that every hour spent trudging away on … Continue reading