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From G.L: US Housing Market Heading for a Bigger Crash

Ted spotted this: US Home Prices Fall, But Pace of Decline Eased Slightly

Courtesy of Lee H.: Falsifying Bank Balance Sheets

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Oil Drops Below $50 on Flu Fears

The Economy Looks Beyond The Recession to Disease and Terrorism Two key quotes: “The stock market responded with a shudder yesterday but at least did not collapse in response to the weekend media blitz about the Swine Flu outbreak. The reaction of the world’s markets is likely to be close to panic if this disease becomes widespread and lethal.” and, ” …what else [could] a weak economy could survive. There is an answer and it is that the economy can’t take much more.”

Flu Stock Index Continues to Move Up

Gulfstream, Cessna Sales to Slide 50% Next Two Years as CEOs Shun Jets

US Consumer Confidence Rises in April

Review of US Economic Data for 4/28/09

JP Morgan Collapse Could Trigger Next Global Stock Market Crash
” …the probability of another stock market crash within the foreseeable future is very high. The word “crash” is used advisedly. Since early March 2009, the industrial equity markets have been rising on misplaced hope. When that hope is dashed – as looks highly probable – the consequence is likely to be a wave of selling pressure given that the credibility of the financial authorities will have been shattered.”

Fed Using Currency Swaps to Boost US Dollar

ETF Chart Trend Comparisons

TARP Cop Sees Unstressful Bank Tests “The adverse scenario used to test the health of the 19 largest U.S. banks is “disturbingly close” to current economic conditions, sparking a concern that there might need to be a second “stress test,” a U.S. financial bailout fund watchdog said…”

Is “Possible Pandemic” A Diversion From The Economic Crisis?

20% of Asia Hedge Funds Closed Since January, 2008

Japan Facing Worse Economic Outlook Ever

Dying GM to Cut 21,000 Factory Jobs, Pontiac is History

The Chinese Yuan Goes Global