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The high bid in the SurvivalBlog Benefit Auction is now at $960. This auction ends on April 15th. It is for a large mixed lot, which includes:: 1.) A Warrior Aid and Litter Kit, donated by Ready Made Resources. This is an advanced medic kit package that includes a Talon II 90C folding handle collapsible litter, which normally retails for $560, just by itself. This truly a “full up” tactical trauma kit! This sophisticated medic kit normally retails for $1,500. 2.) A “be ready to barter” box of 26 full-capacity firearms magazines, from my personal collection in JASBORR. This box …

Letter Re: Paying Off Debts with Inflated Dollars?

JWR, I understand when you say that hyperinflation will make the price of things go up and up, like a ten dollar or hundred dollar loaf of bread. But what happens to a financed item, specifically the home [that is] mortgaged? Can the lender change the interest rate or the length of loan? What about other financed items like a car loan? If nothing changes then a person would be paying back the loan with inflated dollars, which might be a good thing? Please explain. Thank You, – RenoFlyBoy JWR Replies: To begin: You had asked: ” Can the lender …

Two Letters Re: Barnyard Junk: The Things that You Do and Don’t Need for TEOTWAWKI

Jim: Regarding post on junk: Right on! When I recommend the OAR system for preparedness the O stands for organization. It does no good to have supplies you can’t find or access. I see an awful lot of farmers with yards that look like the municipal landfill. It isn’t safe or healthy. True preparedness requires doing the work of tracking supplies and useage so you don’t find yourself short or waste hours looking for the tool that you know is here…someplace. One of the best features of the “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course is the organized inventory lists. For …

Two Letters Re: A Carrington Event Space Storm–A Natural EMP Equivalent

Jim, When looking for places to store sensitive electronics, consider the old-fashioned galvanized steel garbage can. For about a buck a gallon, you can store just about any and all electronics a household might have, safety protected against EPM and other damaging fields. – Jake Stafford, publisher of the “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course and loyal SurvivalBlog reader   Sir: Here is another perspective on the problems associated with a Carrington event [, from the Mostly Cajun blog]. Sol assaults Mother Gaia – for real? Regards, – Hunter in Alaska

Economics and Investing:

Alyce at The Motley Fool Goes Doomer: The Four Things You Need. (Thanks to Lynne W. for the link.) Items from The Economatrix: Credit Union Collapse Signals Depth of Financial Crisis On Wall Street, Talk of Trust and Civil War Marc Faber: It Will All End in Disaster Economic Dirty Bo Goes Off in NY In NY, a Second, Silent 9-1-1 Accidents Can Happen (The Mogambo Guru) The End Game Approaches Ron Paul: Bankruptcy is Economic Stimulus  

Odds ‘n Sods:

John C. set this this from Yahoo’s Green Home page: Twelve amazing shipping container houses    o o o Reader Rick D.sent this about detergent smugglers Spokane residents smuggle suds over green brands    o o o From FloridaGuy: More and more city folk are raising chickens    o o o Also from FloridaGuy: Toy-gun sales ban advances to Arkansas House. FloridaGuy’s comment: “‘Your sons will play with dolls.’ This is just more nanny-state foolishness.”