Notes from JWR:

I recently updated the web page for my novel “Patriots“, with information on the new edition that will be released in April. The old edition from XLibris just went out of print.

Today we present another entry for Round 21 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The contest prizes include:

First Prize: Two transferable Front Sight  “Gray” Four Day Training Course Certificates. This is an up to $4,000 value!
Second Prize: A three day course certificate from OnPoint Tactical. This certificate will be for the prize winner’s choice of three-day civilian courses.
Third Prize: A copy of my “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course, from Arbogast Publishing

Round 21 ends on March 31st, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that articles that relate practical “how to” skills for survival … Continue reading

Did the American Indians Have it Right?, by MMJ

In these trying times when civilizations are at the brink of disaster and many people are already in personal collapse, we should look back through history to find out how to salvage what we have and how to survive what is to come. [Minor rant snipped.] It seems that economic collapse is imminent and that at some point in the near future it is going to be every man for himself. As we watch countries collapse, global economies fail and people across the world starve and die, I ask myself has any culture or civilization in history gotten it right?

The nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle led by the American Indians may be the way that many in the future may need to survive. The thought of a survival retreat is nice, but what if a toxic gas cloud is coming your way? Or a band of starving armed men and women … Continue reading

Two Letters Re: Advice on Night Vision Gear

Dear Mr. Rawles,
I have been reading your site for almost a year now and am grateful for your advise. I’ve read both Patriots and Retreats. Currently, I live in suburban Detroit and am looking for a farm out in the country. I’m good on food and many other items, but question my weapons battery. BTW, both my wife and I have attended the excellent training at Front Sight. Currently I have three handguns: an XDM-40 with four mags, Steyr M40 with four mags and a Taurus PT92 9mm with two mags. My long guns include two short-barrel 12 gauge shotguns with one having a dedicated light, one DPMS {AR-15 clone] .223 with dedicated light and Trijicon ACOG 4×32 scope, one DPMS .308 AR-10, and one Ruger 10/22. Crossbows are on my wish list. I have between 1,000 and 2,000 rounds of ammo … Continue reading

Three Letters Re: The Feeding Frenzy Continues–Gun Store Shelves are Depleted

I saw the article on how Cabela’s shares surged based on gun sales. Let me tell you, we are in the midst of a feeding frenzy here in Colorado.

First, its not just guns, its all of the accessories as well. I had to return some items from Christmas to Sportsman’s Warehouse and found that the whole gun department was basically empty. They only had some black powder firearms and a couple of shotguns. Nothing else. I had run into this before Christmas when I bought my two oldest boys new elk rifles – and got the last .308 bolt action and the last .30-06 bolt action to be had. But I figured after Christmas things would be better. Well, they are not. So unless you shoot something odd like a .22-250 forget getting ammunition right now let alone a gun. And the cleaning kits were sold out … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

G.G. flagged this: Silver outshines gold for investors. “Sales of silver American Eagle coins have reached just over four million ounces so far in 2009, almost double the rate of last year, when sales reached 19.6 million ounces for the full year.”

Pat M. forwarded this Reuters news video: Hard Times Push Brits to Bartering

Frequent contributor Bill N. recommended this commentary by Paul Craig Roberts: How the US Economy Was Lost.

Items from The Economatrix:

Watch Now as Pension Funds Get Vaporized

Ron Paul: This is an End of an Era…We Can’t Reinflate the Bubble

Boomers: 30% Underwater

Weak Health Care Stocks Drag Market Lower

Economy Shrinks 6.2%, Worst in Quarter Century

Citigroup Reaches Aid Deal with Government

Moody’s Predicts Defaults Will Exceed Great Depression Peaks

Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

CIA and Pentagon Wonder: Could Mexico Implode? (A hat tip to Darin B. for the link.)

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MP sent this: Recipes from The Great Depression.

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Cheryl sent this: EMP Attack: Overlooked Catastrophe

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Mrs. G. in Montana found a site that he thought would be of interest to the ladies: The Homemaker’s Mentor. She notes: “I was looking for directions for dehydrating eggs and found a forum for a group of women who are striving for prepare for their families. Oh and speaking of the distaff viewpoint, also check out Betsy’s writings over at Survival Lady.

Note from JWR:

The high bid in the SurvivalBlog Benefit Auction is now at $710. This auction is for a large mixed lot, which includes::

1.) Another “be ready to barter” box of 38 full-capacity gun magazines, from my personal collection in JASBORR. This box includes: 4 – Used original East German 30 rd. steel AK-47 magazines in a “raindrop” camouflage pattern belt pouch, 12 – Excellent-to-new condition original Bundeswehr contract HK91 (G3) alloy 20 round magazines, 6 – Well-used but serviceable condition original Austrian FN-FAL steel 20 round magazines with cartridge counter holes, 10 – Used AR-15/M16 USGI (all Colt made!) alloy 20 round magazines, and 6 – Excellent to new condition original (Norwegian contract) Glock Model 17 9mm 17 round pistol magazines (early type, with “U” notch). All of these magazines are of pre-1994 manufacture (and hence legal to possess in New York.) These magazines have a … Continue reading

Depression Proof Jobs for a 20 Year Depression – Part 2: Developing a Home-Based Business

Yesterday, in Part1, I discussed the “safe” and counter-cyclical occupations for the unfolding economic depression. Today, I’d like to talk about one specific approach: self-employment with a home-based business.

I posted most the following back in late 2005, but there are some important points that are worth repeating:

The majority of SurvivalBlog readers that I talk with tell me that they live in cities or suburbs, but they would like to live full time at a retreat in a rural area. Their complaint is almost always the same: “…but I’m not self-employed. I can’t afford to live in the country because I can’t find work there, and the nature of my work doesn’t allow telecommuting.” They feel stuck.

Over the years I’ve seen lots of people “pull the plug” and move to the boonies with the hope that they’ll find local work once they get there. That usually doesn’t work. … Continue reading

Letter Re: Real World Observations on Fighting Crime and Criminals

Hello Sir!
While visiting your site this morning, I read a letter by someone talking about residential break-ins. While I don’t wish to contradict anything stated in the letter, there are a few points that should be made.

15 years ago, I made the decision to train as a Locksmith. I have my own locksmith business is in it’s 10th year and going strong. I’ve worked in banks, with police and even the DEA. I’ve been at the scene of scores of break-ins, assessing the damage as well as repairing and fortifying the sites.

This brings me to the point; Glass breakage is a very high pitched and distinctive sound. The moment a neighbor hears glass breaking outside their home, the police are called in to check it out. This is not what a would-be thief wants. The second reason that glass is not generally broken is … Continue reading

Letter Re: eXRS Radios and Texting in the Field

A current discussion forum thread {at] on eXRS two-way radios is worthy of mention. Also see this description.

In searching the SurvivalBlog archives, I only found one post mentioning eXRS Radios. Here is a description of test by a paintball team.

What are your thoughts for secure short range comm? Text messaging could have some uses for silent comm. – Craig W.

JWR Replies: The eXRS radios are fine in the voice mode, but I am very dubious of the tactical practicality of text messaging, at least once the lead starts flying. Who in their right mind is going to want to take their eyes off the immediate situation for that long? The US military uses handheld text and graphics devices only in very limited situations, such as artillery fire control, and relaying information for close air support. Special … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

A picture is worth a thousand words: Graph of Four Bad Bear Markets. Based upon house prices, commercial real estate prices, and stock P/E rations, I’d say the markets have another 50% or more to fall, and the painful process may take another eight to ten years. And that is just to reach rock bottom, There may be another 10 years of climbing back up out of the hole that “Easy Al” Greenspan and his successors dug for the planet. (Link courtesy of Jesse’s Café Américain blog, and brought to our attention by SurvivalBlog reader Ben H.)

Thanks to Thomas A., who set us the link to this piece at Seeking Alpha: China Trying to Break the Euro?

HPD flagged this piece by Mish Shedlock: Bernanke Admits Fed Is Clueless and Banks are Zombified. HPD quips: “Mish is getting funnier as Bernanke … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

Susan Z. sent us this article about barter from Michael Panzner’s blog: Cashless Improvisation

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F.R. sent this: Brit Couple Saved After 40 Days Lost at Sea

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The folks at Safecastle mentioned that their big 25% off sale on Mountain House canned long-term storage foods is underway. Safecastle Royal members who buy four cases or more (at 25% off and free shipping of course) get a free 35 gram pouch of CELOX traumatic wound coagulant. If they buy 12 cases or more, they get a CELOX pouch and an Optimus Crux lightweight backpacking stove (see further details at the manufacturer’s web site), and they will receive rebate vouchers to use in subsequent transactions.

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A reader in Hawaii wrote me to ask: “I want to buy a Continue reading

Notes from JWR:

Here it comes! Despite his campaign promises: “I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in people’s lawful right to bear arms. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away. … There are some common-sense gun safety laws that I believe in. But I am not going to take your guns away. .”, it comes as no surprise that President Obama is now asking congress to renew the 1994 Federal “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazine ban. Now, just a few months later he has done an about-face and says he does want to take your guns away. Oh, but its necessary, he says, to save Mexico from the Drug War. If reenacted, unlike its predecessor, the new ban will likely have no sunset clause. Knowing the history of Federal of bans and freezes, the ban … Continue reading