Economics and Investing:

G.G. flagged this: Silver outshines gold for investors. “Sales of silver American Eagle coins have reached just over four million ounces so far in 2009, almost double the rate of last year, when sales reached 19.6 million ounces for the full year.”

Pat M. forwarded this Reuters news video: Hard Times Push Brits to Bartering

Frequent contributor Bill N. recommended this commentary by Paul Craig Roberts: How the US Economy Was Lost.

Items from The Economatrix:

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Ron Paul: This is an End of an Era…We Can’t Reinflate the Bubble

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Weak Health Care Stocks Drag Market Lower

Economy Shrinks 6.2%, Worst in Quarter Century

Citigroup Reaches Aid Deal with Government

Moody’s Predicts Defaults Will Exceed Great Depression Peaks

GM Crisis Talks After $31B Loss

60,000 Jobs Face Axe at RBS and Lloyds

Future is “Bleak” Warns German Ex-Vice Chancellor “Modern capitalism is based on a global Ponzi scheme.”

Confidence Falls in Eurozone as Economy Fears Grow

Banks Vacate Towers Pushing NYC Empty Commercial Space

Treasuries Fall for Third Day on Spending Concerns

$1 Trillion in Taxes is H*ll To Pay

Arsonists Torch Porsches, BMWs on Economic Woes

Recession, Bailout, Stimulus: US Security Threats?

FDIC: Number of Troubled Banks Up 47%

Elderly Emerge as New Class of Workers…and Jobless

California’s Newly Poor Push Social Services to the Brink