Economics and Investing:

A picture is worth a thousand words: Graph of Four Bad Bear Markets. Based upon house prices, commercial real estate prices, and stock P/E rations, I’d say the markets have another 50% or more to fall, and the painful process may take another eight to ten years. And that is just to reach rock bottom, There may be another 10 years of climbing back up out of the hole that “Easy Al” Greenspan and his successors dug for the planet. (Link courtesy of Jesse’s Café Américain blog, and brought to our attention by SurvivalBlog reader Ben H.)

Thanks to Thomas A., who set us the link to this piece at Seeking Alpha: China Trying to Break the Euro?

HPD flagged this piece by Mish Shedlock: Bernanke Admits Fed Is Clueless and Banks are Zombified. HPD quips: “Mish is getting funnier as Bernanke gets more absurd.”

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