Economics and Investing:

I was interviewed again briefly by the folks at the Fox Business News “Happy Hour” television show. The topic was, of all things, “buying off grid rural property.” Folks are waking up!

From H.P.D.: 8,000 Earmarks.

Kevin A. spotted this: Freddie Mac Lost $265 Million Per Day. “The main skill required to run Freddie Mac seems to be the ability to light three one thousand dollar bills on fire every second of every day. If these guys keep it up, they may even be able to get a job at AIG one day.”

The Other Chris sent this Rise in foreclosures ‘a shock’, February saw an unexpected jump in foreclosure filings as the weak economy puts more pressure on borrowers.

From GG: UBS suggests gold has potential US$2,500 per ounce upside

Luddite Jean in England sent this charming news: House prices ‘could drop another 55%’ and leave Britain bankrupt

Items from The Economatrix:

The International Financial Institutions are Overwhelmed

Fed Reports Record Fall in Household Net Worth

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Half of Americans Just Two Paychecks Away from Hardship

Jim Rogers: Let AIG Go Bankrupt, Not America

Crime, Corruption, Collapse On Wall Street

Dow Chemical to Sell Assets, Cut 3,500 Jobs

India Can’t Afford Junk Rating

G20 Deal at Risk as US-Europe Rift Grows

Dollar Defies Recipe For Currency Collapse

The 283 US Firms Most Likely to Fail

Debt And Taxes are Killing Landlords

LIBOR’s Creep Shows Credit Markets at Risk of Seizure