Letter Re: Chia Grass Sprouts are a Super Food

Mr Rawles,
I don’t recall if I have ever seen a mention on the blog about this widely known (or maybe just remembered) product so I thought I would give it a mention. We have been using Chia (of “Chia Pet” fame of yesteryear, a.k.a. Salba [grain/grass seed] ) for a little over one year now and this stuff is incredibly versatile for anything food related.

Ounce for ounce this stuff is far more nutritious than any other grains on the market. Here is a link to one of the places I found to purchase in bulk: Hidalgo Foods. They also have documentation about the product as well.

Note: I have no vested interest in this company other than I have purchased more than 100 pounds and their service was excellent. Last, with the cost of wheat and other commodities today this stuff (purchased in bulk) is not much more expensive and nutritive value is more than worth the added expense. Regards, – R.E.

JWR Replies: I am a big believer in sprouting. The nutritive value of sprouts is tremendous There are quite a few articles and letters on the topic in our archives. Using our Search window (at the top of SurvivalBlog’s right hand bar), just search on the words “sprouts” and “sprouting”. I haven’t tried sprouting Salba, but I plan to soon give it a try.