Note from JWR:

I noticed that the spot prices of gold and silver took a substantial dip yesterday. I still consider this a secular bull market in precious metals. If you have your survival gear and supplies squared away, then you might want to take advantage of these dips, and buy yourself some silver coins. Keep these well-hidden at home for use as a bad times barter currency, and as a hedge against inflation. Given the declining purchasing power of the US Dollar, gold below $900 per ounce and and silver below $17 per ounce are bargains.

Letter Re: Physical Gold Versus Synthetic Gold, a View Redux

Dear Mr. Rawles: You don’t seem to be the type of guy who enjoys saying “I told you so” when you are proven to be right, but I thought I’d at least give you that opportunity. Back in May, I wrote to you singing the praises of synthetic gold ownership via Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and opined that “physical gold combines the worst of all worlds.” I’ve since started building my long position in gold (and silver), and I surprised myself by deciding quite early on to hold physical metals rather than to express my long position synthetically. This was …

Letter Re: Innovations in the Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes

Dear James, Take a look at this article. The innovation of the second device which acts as an artificial barrier to the small intestine, described in this article, is noted to effectively cure Type II Diabetes. This may be the long-awaited answer for those who wish to remove themselves from the daily dependency of self administering antihyperglycemic medications. This could also be one very effective option for the resolution of their coinciding carbohydrate intolerance which causes their obesity. This is a non-invasive endoscopic procedure. – KAF

Odds ‘n Sods:

I long hence went on record that the price of productive farm land in the U.S. would not be hurt as badly as residential and commercial real estate, in the current down-trend. A new Bloomberg article bolsters my position: U.S. Farmland Values Reach Record on High Crop Prices. Again, productive farm and ranch land is a relatively safe, tangible way to shelter your assets from the ravages of inflation.    o o o I often get e-mails from folks that are looking to join or form a retreat group, or that are interested in finding a like-minded spouse. Unfortunately, the …