Note from JWR:

Today’s blog posts include two letters from “Doug Carlton” Those of you that have read my novel “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse” will recognize this real-life individual as the basis for one of the novel’s characters. “Doug” and I attended college and went through ROTC together, back in the early 1980s. He later went on to be a US Army aviator. He now lives in Virginia and works in the transportation industry.

Two Letters Re: The Shenandoah Valley as a Retreat Locale?

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers: I currently live in Virginia and what Jim said about retreat locale selection is generally accurate. That’s not to say “all is lost!”. Hardly, there are some advantages you have in our area that I’ve only found in a couple other places in the US, and you can successfully find a retreat location. You just have to work harder at it. The simple fact that most people live where they do is because it’s easier. The more remote locations, and the more secure, tend to be more work to live in. It’s all balance and trade off. …

Letter Re: Holster, Sling, and Web Gear Recommendations

Jim, Long before the current trend in drop-leg holsters, we used some in Army Aviation to clear the armor on the seats in some specific aircraft. The one I flew had more armor coverage, and frankly even a drop-leg wasn’t going to work, so the shoulder holster was the way to go for me. Tanker wear shoulder rigs, as well as desk jockeys for the very same reason. Your pistol needs to be out of the way to do your primary job. That’s the Army though. Just because Big Army does it, or uses it, it doesn’t mean it’s really …

Odds ‘n Sods:

With Gustav Approaching New Orleans Residents Stocking Up on AR-15s and ammo    o o o KAF sent this: Rat meat in demand as inflation bites    o o o L.A. Police Gear (a likely new SurvivalBlog advertiser) is having a 10% off sale, for Labor Day Weekend. Enter coupon code “LABOR”.    o o o Kevin A. suggested a background article on economics by Louis Even, titled Guernsey’s Monetary Experiment. Here is a key quote: “The issues of national currency by the States of Guernsey caused neither inflation nor idleness. They created activity and prosperity. But these issues did …

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“At this point, our bet remains that the Feds will go to default mode which means cranking up the printing presses into the red zone, letting the dollar move ever closer to its intrinsic value: zero. That they’ll follow this route is suggested by two inputs. First, a depreciating dollar means a reduction in the trillions of dollars in obligations now owed by the U.S. government. And, secondly, foreign holders don’t vote.” – David Galland, as quoted by The Silver Bear Cafe