Notes from JWR:

I just got word that the US House of Representatives voted down the $700 billion USD Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) Bill. I’m glad to see that it was defeated. There is simply no proper substitute for allowing the credit market to correct itself, by working the bad debt out … Continue reading

Letter Re: A Successful Search for a Survival Retreat Property

Hi Jim, we wanted to share our story with your readers who may not have been able to acquire their retreats yet, and worry they never will. We hope our story will inspire them…. We sold our home in record time recently (big shock) and then went on a major … Continue reading

Letter Re: Storing Multipurpose Castile Soaps

Jim, Thanks for your warnings and all the help your novel and blog are to us. In reference to the recent mention of Dr. Bronner’s soaps, I just wanted to pass along some tips on Kirk’s Castile coconut soap. It doesn’t have a lot of added chemicals. I can purchase … Continue reading

Letter Re: Recommendation for Water BOB Bathtub Water Storage Bladder

Dear Mr. Rawles, All the stories recently about power failure and storing water in bathtubs have encouraged me to write to you about the WaterBOB. It’s a heavy duty plastic bladder that you put in your bathtub and then fill with clean water from the tap. It comes with a … Continue reading

Letter Re: Expect Delays and Confusion During FDIC Settlements

Jim: If Michael A. in Seattle was surprised by his little run-in with the FDIC, I urge him and others to research what happened in Texas during the S&L crisis. That’s within fairly recent memory, just about 20 years ago, not like the Great Depression [which has faded from memory. … Continue reading

Letter Re: Making Alternatives to Commercial Chemical Light Sticks

Hi Jim, I’m a long time reader of the blog and I liked your novel. I have been amazed at your ability to acutely foresee coming events. More and more yours is the first site that I read every day. I noticed your article on glow sticks and I have … Continue reading

Notes from JWR:

Today we present another entry for Round 18 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The contest prizes include: First Prize: The writer of the best contributed article in the next 60 days will be awarded two transferable Front Sight  “Gray” Four Day Training Course Certificates. This is an up to … Continue reading

What Will You Do When Your Stored Food Runs Out?, by Woodsman

What Will You Do When Your Stored Food Runs Out?, by Woodsman Among the multitude of preparations conducted by would-be survivalists, gardening is often minimized in value compared to the physical purchases of beans, bullets, and band-aids. However, in any long-term TEOTWAWKI event, gardening would probably become nearly the sole … Continue reading

Letter Re: Investing in Foreign Currency CDs

James, Today the dollar posted its largest one-day decline against the euro since that currency was created. I am rebalancing my investment portfolio to account for the market’s recent gyrations – and the fact that our government is attempting to make the dollar even more worthless than it currently is. … Continue reading

Letter Re: Advice for an Unprepared Greenhorn

Jim, I’d like to add one piece of advice to the “Greenhorn” reader who hasn’t gotten started, but knows he must. After getting the basics you listed, he should start on a food preparedness action plan to feed his family in a crisis. The blueprint for all that is in … Continue reading