Letter Re: Storing Multipurpose Castile Soaps

Thanks for your warnings and all the help your novel and blog are to us.

In reference to the recent mention of Dr. Bronner’s soaps, I just wanted to pass along some tips on Kirk’s Castile coconut soap. It doesn’t have a lot of added chemicals. I can purchase it at Woodman’s for 79 cents a bar.[JWR Adds: It is also available at reasonable prices from several Internet vendors if bought in full cases.] It can be used as shampoo as well as to brush your teeth. People don’t believe me when I tell them it’s been my shampoo for years. It’s better for your teeth than any toothpaste that has glycerin. It can be used as dish soap also. Why buy many products to store when this one is inexpensive and has many uses? Staying clean is so important to our health. Praying for God’s mercy, – Deb in Wisconsin