Letter Re: Recommendation for Water BOB Bathtub Water Storage Bladder

Dear Mr. Rawles,
All the stories recently about power failure and storing water in bathtubs have encouraged me to write to you about the WaterBOB. It’s a heavy duty plastic bladder that you put in your bathtub and then fill with clean water from the tap. It comes with a siphon so that removing the water is easy. IMO, The greatest advantage of this product is that the water remains potable, even though a bathtub is generally not suitable for storing drinking water. The WaterBOB holds 100 gallons.

Prices have increased substantially since I first bought mine a year or so ago, but if purchased in quantities of 20+, the price drops significantly and shipping is minimal. A group could order together, or someone might want extras for gifts.

I recently ordered a quantity shipment for family birthdays, Christmas gifts, some upcoming anniversaries, and wedding/housewarming gifts. It’s a pretty sure thing that most folks don’t already have one!

Thanks so much for all you do. And our prayers continue for your Memsahib’s complete recovery. Sincerely, – SaddleTramp