Letter Re: Advice on Preparedness for Travelers?

Thank you for dispersing such a wealth of knowledge on your blog. My prayers are with your family and for the Memsahib’s recovery.

I concur with D.J.’s post on Third World Experience. Having done mission work in Central America, Australia, and Nepal I have seen a broad range of austere environments and it truly does open your eyes to have a more prepared mindset. Being in Nepal during the onset of a small civil war brought to my attention the need to be prepared while travelling.

Other than the obvious G.O.O.D. kit within arm’s reach while overseas what are your recommendations for being prepared for survival type scenarios (civil unrest, natural disaster, conflict, etc.) while travelling abroad? Thanks, – J.R.S.

JWR Replies: See the SurvivalBlog article: Preparedness While on Business Travel–What to Pack, by LP, which was posted in November of 2007.