Note from JWR:

I heard from a dozen readers that I was recently quoted by WorldNetDaily, in an article about food shortages. (The article misidentifies the location of the Rawles Ranch, but I don’t mind keeping people guessing.) Food price jumps and food shortages have a tendency to get into a self-amplifying cycle, during times of crisis. Floods, droughts, and crop failures started the most recent cycle. But in my estimation it will be sharply higher prices for fertilizer and fuel that will exacerbate the problem. The bottom line: Be prepared for considerably higher prices and continued shortages in the next few years. And, as I’ve previously noted, we can also expect many more civil wars and regional wars in the Third World, where higher food prices have a tremendous impact on the poor. (Since food costs account for the majority of the average annual income there.)

Here is request that I got from a journalist: Details magazine ( is looking to interview “men under 45 who live in urban or suburban areas who consider themselves survivalists and have begun stockpiling goods and preparing escape plans.” Please contact the writer Kayleen Schaefer via e-mail or phone: (212) 630-3869. The deadline is Friday, August 1. All of the usual OPSEC considerations apply.