Letter Re: What Preparations Should I Undertake Next?

I just finished your novel “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse”. Thanks so much for writing it! I just wish I had found it sooner. I’ve always had a survival bent; I guess it started when I was in the Navy going through aircrew training. However in retrospect I realize now that it was kind of how I was brought up. I feel that I’m pretty squared away on the firearms battery , stored ammunition and communications gear. I hunt, fish and camp with my family often and am an avid shooter. Other that these things my wife and I definitely feel that we have to make some huge lifestyle changes for our family to prepare. We ’ ve been feeling this for the last few years but have just put it off and I don’t really think we knew how to direct our efforts. We’ve wanted to move west for some time but just haven ’ t made the leap. With the collapse appearing to be coming sooner as opposed to later I have two questions for you.

1) Now that the bank runs have started, how long do you think we have before things really start to fall apart? I realize this is just speculation but you r analysis has been pretty spot on so far.

2) If you were in my situation where it appears time is of essence where would you concentrate your efforts on preparation? I was just wondering if you had any prioritized kind of list, etc. for people coming to this realization in what appears to be the final hour?

Thanks so much for your book and all that you are doing with SurvivalBlog.com. You truly are a Patriot.
God Bless, – Chad in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

JWR Replies: Thanks for your e-mail. I don’t have a crystal ball, but things seem to be coming to a head, economically. Some of he most recent evidence of this: Cryptogon reports 8,500 U.S. Banks; Many Will Die Soon. And meanwhile, we read: Wachovia loses $8.9B, cuts 6,350 workers, dividend, and that WaMu isn’t trusting cashier’s checks from IndyMac Bank.

The credit collapse is only going to get worse, and l believe that here in the US it will eventually destroy the residential and commercial real estate markets, the stock market, the “Big Three” automobile manufacturers, the municipal bond market, and many banks. I just can’t with certainty say when.

As for “final hour” priority purchases, see my background article: The Desperation Shopping List: The Seven Critical Items that are Guaranteed to be Stripped From Store Shelves When You Need Them Most in a Crisis. This article is available free of charge from Arbogast Publishing, the folks that publish my “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course.

At this point in your provisioning process, you should be concentrating on food and fuel storage. (Both fuel for vehicles and fuel for heating your home and retreat–firewood, home heating oil, propane, or low-smoke anthracite coal.) Be ready to hunker down and survive the loss of your job. Minimize your debts.

Odds are there won’t be a full-scale collapse. More likely, we will probably witness a deep, long depression. Think through the implications of being unemployed or under-employed for a full decade. Consider starting a home-based business with a “depression proof” product or service. As I’ve stated in the blog before, even in times of double digit inflation, you will still need some cash income to pay your bills.