Letter Re: The Tomato Rebuild–Machining Technology is Crucial to Modern Society, by Thomas G.

Jim, After reading the recent letter by Thomas G, I felt compelled to offer a response to demystify some of the technologies he talked about. First, I am a tool and die maker for an ammunition manufacturer. If it’s broken, I fix it, if we need it, but can’t buy it, I design and make it. From reloading dies, case feeders, powder measures, primer feeders, cold header press parts, I have done a lot. So I feel somewhat qualified to shed some light onto how things are done. I’ll start basic, and then work up to complex. Aside from the …

Letter Re: PetroMax Kerosene Lanterns

Hi Jim, I figured I’d better write about my experience with PetroMax (BriteLyt) Kerosene lanterns. I’ve had their 150CP (Candle Power) (100 watts of light) for a couple years now and really like it. BriteLyt is now providing their 500CP (400 watts of light ) to the US Government as Model MR-2 with a federal stock number. BTW they also make a nice 11,000 BTU kerosene stove which they are also making for the government. So I got two of the new USG MR-2s and tried them out. Right away I had a problem! As you know, I’m [living and …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Thanks to Cheryl for sending a link to an article that describes how more banks are in trouble. These include: Wachovia (downgraded on the 15th), WaMu, National City Corp., and U.S. Bancorp    o o o Eric sent a link to an editorial from The Des Moines Register: Help farmers, consumers: Revive grain reserve    o o o KMA spotted an article in The Economist titled Peak Oil, The Only Way is Down.   o o o John T. sent us a link to an article that is a sign of the times: Pakistani Investors Stone Exchange as Stocks Plunge

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“If you ever hear a government official come out and say that an institution is fine, you know it’s time to get your money out because history shows they’re likely lying. Look what happened with Fannie and Freddie. The government said everything was fine right up to the day the US Treasury dropped the biggest government bailout of all time on the American taxpayer. The bill for Fannie, Freddie and the bank failures could cost the taxpayer over $400 billion. (That’s your money, of course.)”. – Richard Benson in: Is Your Money Safe?