Note from JWR:

The high bid in the current SurvivalBlog Benefit Auction is $500. This auction is for a big mixed lot: a NukAlert radiation detector, donated by KI4U–a $160 value), a DVD of 480 E-books on Alternative Energy (donated by WK Books–a $25 value), and the following package of survival gear all kindly donated by One case of MREs, one pack of water purifications tablets, a bottle of colloidal silver, a fire starter, a bottle of potassium iodate tablets, an emergency dental kit, a pack of “Shower in a bag” bath wipes, and one messenger bag to pack it in.

Letter Re: A Reminder to Readers About Botulism

Jim, Feel free to post the following if you think it would be of help and interest. Bulging cans with botulism are worse than most think. While bulging cans of food are relatively rare and most everybody knows that any bulging can should be discarded, few know just how seriously dangerous they can become if opened or accidentally ruptured. Botulism is so extremely deadly, it must be suspect in all bulging cans and they must not only be discarded, but put away from anyone else. Botulinum toxin is one of the most lethal substances known to man, as seen in …

Letter Re: The Cost of Things to Come

We are in a simultaneously deflationary and inflationary situation. The deflationary forces are: 1) We’ve been a credit based society and with less credit available, less purchasing will happen driving down prices. 2) Most people have most of their wealth in their home, their stocks and their banks (Indy Mac anyone?), all decreasing in value thus putting the brakes on discretionary purchasing driving down prices. The inflationary forces are: 1) The rising price of oil raises transportation and manufacturing costs for everything. 2) The increasing population and decreasing supply of commodities (food, metals etc.) increases prices. 3) The Fed cannot …

Letter Re: The Backwoods Home Magazine Anthologies

Jim, I recently purchased Backwoods Home’s “The Affordable Whole Shebang” offer which includes printed anthologies of Backwoods Home starting from year one to the present (13 years) as well as 11 CD-ROMs packed full of information: recipes, alternative energy, firearms info, preparedness guide, etc. The CD-ROMs include a partial electronic anthology of the magazine (years 7-14) for easy portability. I was very impressed by the sheer volume of reading material for only $257! I am a voracious reader and it will take quite a while for me to consume it all. I highly recommend this fantastic offer and feel that …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Downturn gains steam as inflation roars ahead    o o o Cheryl N. sent us this: Fears Over Safety in Savings Triggers Panic in US    o o o Jason M. flagged this: ‘Flying IEDs’ Pose New Iraq Threat. (OBTW, I’ve had the acronym “UAVIED” in the SurvivalBlog Glossary since August of 2005. Terrorists may soon use radio-controlled planes–from the size of light model planes, on up–packed with explosives.)    o o o The International Forecaster anticipates “A Complete and Systemic Breakdown” of the US and world financial systems and economies. (Kudos to Kevin A. for finding that item.)