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Today we welcome back one of our original advertisers: Wiggy’s, in Grand Junction, Colorado. They make outstanding quality sleeping bags, clothing, and other outdoor gear. They are one of the four remaining true American-made sleeping bag manufacturers. (Nearly all of their competitors have moved their production offshore.) I love their products. We have five Wiggy’s FTRSS sleeping bags and four Wiggy’s Lamilite ground pads here at the Rawles Ranch. Most of these are now more than 15 years old, and still quite serviceable. They are truly built to last.

Peering Over the Precipice: The Future of America’s Credit-Driven Bubble Economy

Here in the States, the newspaper headlines are full of bad economic news: “Credit Collapse”, “Housing Market Tailspin”, “Credit Rating Agency Scandal”, and “Three Trillion Dollar Federal Budget”. Most recently, the Federal Reserve (our central bank, operated by a private banking cartel) made a panic move, cutting interest rates in two jumps in just eight days, a whopping 125 basis points (1.25%). A drop that great, and that fast, was unprecedented. This maneuvering did little to calm the markets. If anything, the Fed’s actions confirmed the suspicion that the credit market is essentially broken and our economy is headed for …

Letter Re: The Recent Blizzard on I-90 in Wisconsin

JWR, I read the link that was submitted by Craig in Odds ‘n Sods. The Channel 3000 story couldn’t be farther from the truth. As a local first responder, I can attest that we are getting the short end of the stick. The State Patrol didn’t even acknowledge there was any problem on the interstate until hours after our crews were already on scene. They didn’t even know that Dane County had set up an incident command headquarters at the Highway 51 interchange. The first semi trucks started losing traction as early as 10 a.m.that day. Near blizzard conditions had …

Letter Re: Advice on a Starlight Scope Platform

Hello James, I’ve been putting off acquiring a AN/PVS-4 [–a Starlight technology electronic light amplification night vision weapons sight–] for too long primarily due to the expense (and other priorities). The time has come to get one from STANO Components night vision (and I’ll be sure to mention your blog). I’ll be getting a Gen2 refurbished scope with a new [image intensifier] tube and the other details you mentioned recently. I have three options for mounting the scope. I am inclined to mount the scope on my M1A Match (at present is equipped with a 10x super sniper scope) but …

Odds ‘n Sods:

There is some good commentary from John Ing, posted over at Gold-Eagle; Gold: Lies, Lies And More Lies    o o o The cable television Sci-Fi channel will air the “Jericho” pilot episode and then the entire first season, starting tonight. (Monday, Feb. 9, 2008.) The second season of the show will be aired on CBS on Tuesday evenings, starting tomorrow night.    o o o RBS suggested this piece of old time lore on preserving eggs without refrigeration.    o o o Check out the series of free outdoor survival videos at this British web site: A-Z of Bushcraft.