Letter Re: Advice on a Starlight Scope Platform

Hello James,
I’ve been putting off acquiring a AN/PVS-4 [–a Starlight technology electronic light amplification night vision weapons sight–] for too long primarily due to the expense (and other priorities). The time has come to get one from STANO Components night vision (and I’ll be sure to mention your blog). I’ll be getting a Gen2 refurbished scope with a new [image intensifier] tube and the other details you mentioned recently. I have three options for mounting the scope. I am inclined to mount the scope on my M1A Match (at present is equipped with a 10x super sniper scope) but have other options, an AR-15 or a FN-FAL (none of these have optics).
Note: I have one M1A but two AR-15s and two FN-FALs. I do have a Springfield [Armory M1A] SOCOM (.308) but that is probably not the best choice here. I understand that I should be able to remove/mount the AN/PVS-4 scope without messing up the zero each time but would prefer to just mount it on a firearm and just leave it there as the full time dedicated night firearm. Plus, not having to remount it is just one less thing to do.

I just want to be sure that I’m not missing anything tactically or otherwise before I advise STANO Components to set it up [with a reticle] for .308. Thanks for any input, – Pete.

JWR Replies: I agree that your SOCOM-variant M1A would be a poor choice for use as your dedicated night-fighting rifle. They have 16.25″ barrels and consequently have a huge muzzle flash. While a .223 might suffice, I believe that a .308 is much more effective, particularly at long range. I would recommend mounting the Starlight scope on one of your FALs, for two reasons:
1.) FAL (and L1A1) flash hiders are fairly efficient.
2.) FAL scope mount top cover have a good reputation for “return to zero” when removed and reinstalled. Even the inexpensive TAPCO top cover mounts exhibit remarkable return to zero stability.
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