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The high bid in the current SurvivalBlog Benefit Auction lot is now at $80. The auction is for three items: a 120 VAC/12 VDC BedFan Personal Cooling System (a $99 retail value), kindly donated by the manufacturer, a Thieves Oil Start Living Kit (a $161 retail value) donated by Ready Made Resources, and a copy of the latest edition of “The Encyclopedia of Country Living” by the late Carla Emery (a $32 retail value). The auction ends on March 15th. Please e-mail us your bids, in $10 increments.

Letter Re: Drastic Changes in the Global Derivatives Market–Be Ready for the Mother of All Bailouts

Jim, Scroll down this article to the link to the Quarterly Derivatives Fact Sheet. It shows Citi[Bank] exposed to $3 trillion and J.P. Morgan at $7.8 trillion [in OTC derivatives.] Continue to the bottom of the piece for “Intelligence Czar Can Waive SEC Rules.” It looks like the Plunge Protection Team is operating in overdrive. Eisenhower warned of “The military-industrial complex”. What about the corporate-government complex? This looks like something Il Duce would have been proud of. Best wishes for our free enterprise system, – William JWR Replies: I’m glad to see that some readers took the time to look …

Two Letters Re: Thoughts on Overseas Retreat Destinations

Sir, I concur with David in Israel regarding overseas retreat destinations. Before any of this discussion was brought up for survival locations, I entertained the idea of relocating to New Zealand, but not for survival reasons. As much as I am attracted there, I rule it out now. I also served in the Middle East as a soldier and served in Moscow, in a different capacity. I spoke fluent Russian at that time. Residing in a foreign country is just that, foreign. Don’t kid yourself, in a real situation, you don’t have much of a chance, even with family. Your …

Letter Re: G.O.O.D. by Canoe or Other Boat

Jim, I have been reading your blog for some time, thanks for all the great info. One idea that I have not heard much about is using medium size rivers as a way to Get Out of Dodge (G.O.O.D.). I know that it would require just the correct locations for both your work as well as your retreat. But a lot of large cities are near some sort of river or lake. In the best case if you work or live upstream from your retreat you could have a small flat bottom or a canoe stored some place to get …

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Eric sent us this: Deep recession feared in U.S.– Falling business sentiment fuels gloomy outlooks    o o o John S. flagged this: U.N. Conference Promotes Insect-Eating for Everyone From Famine Victims to Astronauts    o o o Hawaiian K. sent this: Former Fed Chief Alan Greenspan Says Dollar Peg for Gulf State Currencies ‘Needs to Go’    o o o Yishai sent this link: Scanned 1962 Fallout Shelter Handbook

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"The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations … This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution." – John Adams